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Stationery | Business-to-Business Note Cards

After completing the design for his holiday cards, my client at My Private Brand asked me to move on to designing note cards. Our goal was to make these as simple, branded cards to be used for hand-written thank you notes and other correspondence. Simple, yet with a statement. I proposed an embossed design with his company’s monogrammed logo – a very classic look for personal stationery, yet a natural fit for this business-to-business application. A flood of gorgeous blue on the front with a raised logo, paired with his trademark brackets pattern on the back of the card to keep in theme with his first mailing of 2013. And a simple switch of ink color for the custom rubber stamp we made for his first mailing finishes off the look.

Stationery | Damask Invitation Suite

“Is damask out of style?” she asked me at our first meeting.

Sometimes, yes.

“I just don’t want it to look ‘oldish’ you know?” she said. “I’m already what I’d call a ‘mature bride’…”

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Careful not to go down the road often traveled (who hasn’t done damask?), I set out to bring a fresh perspective to stationery designed with a damask motif.  I played with scale and using different sections of the damask.  I paired it with other patterns.  I reversed out the inks for an all-black out-of-town reception card.  I proposed non-traditional accents, such as a black rsvp envelope.  (Black for a wedding?!  Absolutely.  Why not?)

The result was this bold, graphic and fresh take on a traditional (and dare I say, potentially boring) damask invitation suite that even the youngest of young brides (and the maturest of mature brides) would be delighted to call their own.

My favorite card just might be the all-black Memphis reception card.  Perfect for a formal house party!

The main invitation card alone is

And more than 600 envelopes later… They were all lined!  Including the outer, the rsvp and the thank you note envelopes. Whew!

Stationery | Social Graces

You’ve heard it said that the art of writing a letter or note is soon to be a lost art – or is it already?  To that I say, “H-E-double hockey sticks, NO!”  I may have just lost whatever street cred I possess.  And successfully dated myself as a child of the 80s.  Well, all of that aside, it seems to me that the ability to write a hand-written note, and possessing the tools for such an endeavor, is perhaps an essential life skill that should not be lost to the coming generations.  Stay classy, San Diego.

Flat A6 note cards with printed envelopes to complete the set.

Navy + yellow on crisp white cotton paper.  Summery!

Stationery | Monogrammed Note Cards

“One for you and one for me…”  I have clients come to me for unique and personalized note card design.  These make a lovely gift for family, a recent graduate, or a significant other.  I find that a lot of times these clients end up ordering two sets: one as a gift and one of their very own!  This pair of note cards was ordered by a marine.  He wanted a unique gift for his mom with bright and modern style.  He also wanted his own signature set that would incorporate the red and gold of the Marines.  Quirky and girly for Mom.  Simple and traditional for him.  Semper Fi!

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